How Passive Talent Pipelining Can Help Your Business

As recruiters, we all understand that adding new personnel to the team involves an element of risk. “What if the candidate doesn’t work out?” “What if there are better candidates out there?” “Am I interviewing a representative group of candidates?”

Unfortunately, there is no single way to avoid this risk, but talent pipelining is one way to help reduce your risk of making a less-than-perfect hire.

What is talent pipelining you ask? Basically, it comes down to building and maintaining a list of qualified and enthusiastic candidates that you can reach out to when you have a job opening. Maintaining one (or more!) postings on an industry-specific job board (like… hint, hint…) is a great way to generate this kind of interest; you’ll be able to pre-screen the applicants and file away the best for when you need to hire.

Even if you are not currently hiring, maintaining passive job postings can help to generate traffic from qualified and enthusiastic candidates. You can then create a “pipeline” of the most attention-grabbing candidates, and keep them in mind during your hiring cycle.

Some of the benefits of having a talent pipeline include:

  • Saving you both time and money over the long-run. “Time is money”, and that rule applies to you too; efficiently scaling your pipeline over time means that you are never starting from scratch. Having “warm” candidates lets you only focus on the most talented individuals. Voila, less time, and fewer costs.
  • Less stress. Remember that crazy deadline where you had to find a candidate in an impossibly short period of time? Yes, that one…now say goodbye. The fact that your pipeline approached YOU through the job posting means less time wasted contacting candidates who really aren’t interested.
  • Fewer mistakes. Rushed or disorganized hiring decisions are leading causes of the dreaded “bad hire”. Having an ordered pipeline of great candidates means you will never be pressured into hiring a candidate that is “just OK”.
  • Increasing candidate engagement. Now that you have their contact information, you can reach out to them through email or Linkedin, creating a reputation for being positive and engaging. Once the right opportunity opens up, your candidates will be more engaged and interested in chatting about the role.

In the long-run, pipelining talent allows you to develop an advantage over your competition. The best candidates will be more engaged with your brand, and less likely to join your competitors (who aren’t putting in the same effort). When you hire better candidates, your life becomes simpler, and business becomes better. What’s not to love?